Monday, November 2, 2009

Blog On

Who am I kidding? I love blogging.

Just because I moved back to California after spending a year and a half in New York City doesn't mean I have to stop blogging. Maybe my life now isn't quite as blog-worthy as it was then... But I'm a firm believer that your life is just about as exciting as you make it.

I don't have much patience for boredom, and my life is AWESOME.

Hence... I'm back to the blogging.

However, this blog was dedicated to a specific purpose: Chronicling my many adventures in the most exciting city in the world, a chapter in my life that has now come to an end. However, if you'd like to continue following the story my new home on the blogosphere is:


Friday, September 18, 2009

Postcard from California

Dear New York,

You are a City of superlatives and contradictions. The most vibrant and the darkest, the most challenging and the most convenient, the most beautiful and the ugliest, the most affluent and the most impoverished, the most artistic and the most efficient, the east and the west, hope and despair - clustered into neighborhoods, reflecting the world. New York you are all of these things.

Thank you for opening your doors to me. Your doors, your cellars, your elevators, your stairwells, your turnstiles, your taxis. I have come to love your vibrating quality - the way the ground shakes with traffic and subways; the way the air buzzes with voices, electricity and opportunity.

Your textures are endless. The sights, smells, sounds and architecture are layered with seasons into unique and powerful moments. Little snapshots of life. I loved the texture of Madison Square Park at lunch time, and an unannounced summer rain storm as I walk down Broadway, and the blur of lights on a late night cab ride.

Manhattan you are a beautiful and messy collision of humanity. You are the whole world crammed onto one little island.

Thank you for allowing me to be a member of the eclectic teeming masses soaking up your ambiance.

I will miss you dearly.

with love,

Monday, September 14, 2009

The End

The End

Goodbye Party - 8th Ward

If I ever shows signs of doubting that I am immensely loved by the most wonderful people in the world, will someone please hit me over the head? And then show me these pictures?
Jane and Kristen and Sarah (Who got sick! SAD!) also threw me a going away party. It was beautiful. They are beautiful. I feel loved. Like, a lot.
Mmm. Yummy food.
Autumn, Kristen, Rustin, me, Adrienne, Jane...
I couldn't believe how many people showed up...
The marvelous Miss Jane Madsen...
The delightful Miss Kristen Robinson and Miss Malia Poai...

I'm just a little ball of love right now.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Wandering, Episode 4: Flatware Skyscrapers

Fishs Eddy is one of my favorite funky stores in the city:

And this is the display in one of their windows...

I totally want to make a Chrysler building out of forks now.

Goodbye O'Flaherty's!

Melissa is the best. She just is.

On Friday night she organized a little goodbye get together and O'Flaherty's. Because where else would I be on a Friday night?

We hung out, played pool, listened to Murphy sing, and had a generally fantastic time.

Thank you lady.

Brooke came! And brought Kevin...

All of my favorite Aussie's. Randall, Sarah, me and Niels...

Aw Murph...

Me and Niels, at the pool table. Where else?

Melissa's decorations...

I'll miss you guys too. XOXO.

US Open

Well, there was a bit of rain and wind on Thursday night, but we got to see two sets of the men's quarterfinals of the US Open.

Flushing Meadows, Arther Ashe Stadium...

The bracket board. We got to see them come out and post the results from the Del Potro match that finished just as we got there...

Inside Arthur Ashe...
Federer has been doing well...
Me and Niels. Note the fleece jacket. It was cold.

Wish you could have been there Dad.